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The first time I ever met Glenn Burke was at Yankee Stadium in 1978 when he was a member of the Oakland A's.  It was a brief encounter.  I got him to sign my program.

In 1982, as a 16 year old, I read an article in Inside Sports about Glenn being the first major leaguer to reveal his homosexuality.  I thought it was a mind-blowing article, which ironically was written by his lover.  It detailed how he was forced out of the Dodgers' organization after being outed.  Then, after a trade to the Oakland A's, his days were short-lived after manager Billy Martin told players and coaches alike that he was not going to have "a fag" play on his team.  

I never forgot the article but didn't hear much about Burke until in 1994.  That was the year a flurry of articles were written about Glenn dying of AIDS.  I approached him about writing his autobiography through the help of the Oakland A's Pamela Pitts and, thankfully, he chose me to tell his story over scores of other writers and movie producers.  

A movie is in the works based on this book by Hollywood icon Jamie Lee Curtis, who is acting as producer.  

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